Conversations of our days

  Your form of speech is never understood. You strain your thoughts and articulate your words profoundly only to have them met with blank stares, or perhaps with responses that have nothing to… Continue reading

A form of change

  Words become harder, Distances grow wider, Commonalities become a thing of the past.   Moments pass gravely, Silence becomes safety, And that gap grows vast very fast.   Thought before speech, Hesitance to… Continue reading

The life-cycle

.   Your heart bleeds, so you write, stabbing the paper with your pen of steel, with ink of crimson blood. They read. They hurt. They weep. They turn the page. They move… Continue reading

Undying death

So many sadness-es are competing for my attention, snatching at my heart randomly, unexpectedly. So much sorrow to take in, it’s overwhelming. So much to process, so much to be angry for, to grieve over, to acknowledge.… Continue reading

The crimson idol

The beast within has awoken,
Beseeching outlet to its years of strain…

On carrying on…

  It’s that time of year again; The time to merrily keep busy in hopes of forgetting who you really are. To panic at the slightest hint of a moment of thought that will throw… Continue reading


  Familiar places, familiar faces, day in and day out. Familiar paths you take everyday with footsteps that knew no doubt. The same walls, the same bed that engulfs you every night, The… Continue reading

The departed…

  For all the tears I have cried, For all the pain I feel inside, For all the loneliness that breaks my pride, For all the loss I try to hide.   For… Continue reading

Mini Poetry

The newest ones are on top.     That defiant look of hers Keeps your wants ablaze. If she looks at you with love, The wants will blur into the faintest haze. –… Continue reading

A promise

    “I promise,” he whispered. “I promise.“ We stood miles apart, but I heard him; I heard him promise. The ocean between us was impossible to cross until that moment. The power… Continue reading