She wants

She wants to play with fire. She wants to feel it’s heat hover dangerously close to her skin, to have her heartbeats race in anticipation of risks and consequences.  She wants to dance… Continue reading

On dodging death and strength


يحاورني، لكنه أشبه بالحوار مع النفس.    يتفوه بما في فؤادي ويخيفني ما أسمعه عما بداخلي.   هل هذا أنا؟   بداخلي كل هذا الضجيج الصخب؟    أم أن هذا تفسيره هو لما يراه بداخلي؟… Continue reading

I listened…

He sat comfortably in the palm of my hand, swinging his legs back and forth in the air like a happy child. He rested his hands beside him on my palm as he looked… Continue reading

June 30: The Real Deal #Egypt #June30

The world stands today watching Egypt in utter bewilderment and confusion over what is really going on. I feel it is my duty to shed some light on unknowns that foreign media is… Continue reading

Foreboding truths…

  A part of me will forever be left resting in a cold, dark cave; The truths that reside in the depths of my heart will never depart from their grave. The knowings… Continue reading

Old and Young

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Its the strangest feeling you can ever have Feeling old and yet still too young Years of your life passed you by Aging you further like a timeworn song…

On dire needs…

There is a dire need for healing; for closing up those gashing wounds and making peace with the scars they will leave behind. There is a dire need for a different kind of… Continue reading


  Stagnant. Grounded. Rooted to the floor underneath.   The road ahead is foggy, the one behind is gone, So I just look down…   Energy is non-existent. Will is shattered, its dust… Continue reading

Perfect chaos

The beginning of the end is an era of closure where mayhem is accentuated, yet order is at its best. The chaos of things is not chaos in another’s eye, and especially not… Continue reading