Not all that is quiet is quiet

Not all that is quiet is quiet. Silence is not always a sign of peace. It almost never is. Silence is symbolic to so much more and to so much loudness that it… Continue reading

Wounds of the soul

They say that a person with a history of physical abuse exudes their painful experiences through their body language. They duck as a reflex reaction if you extend your hand for a handshake… Continue reading

The woman with a dagger in her heart

  The hurting doesn’t subside; it prolongs for as long as God knows when. What happens is that, one day, you need to get out of bed and go to the grocery store.… Continue reading

There was a time

There was once a time for us; a time when we both had the time but deliberately chose to not invest it in one another. You feared my unleashed mind, I feared your… Continue reading

A moment of truth

From this distance, I see nothing but distance Between my wants and my attainables.   In this instant, I feel nothing but despair Towards my hopes and the explainable.   In simplicity, lies… Continue reading

On optimism, realism and pessimism

In this day and age, it is not easy to be an optimist. It’s quite challenging to accept the abundance of difficulties each and every one of us goes through without experiencing some… Continue reading

An unmade bed

  An unmade bed And a shambled rug, Old crayon stains on the wall.   One sock lost, One sock left, Coffee spilled on the floor.   Tidy books Arranged on shelves, Stacked… Continue reading


Stars align, Energies collide, Manifestations emerge To transform the core of your being, Or to kill a small part of you so that another may bloom. The universe conspires to pull you towards… Continue reading


I am amazed by how you are amazed at my lack of amazement. I am amazed at how you think this is unnatural; That I am being strange. You have changed, and thus,… Continue reading

Sitting in the corner

  She needs to cry. She needs to mourn the pieces of her that have died with every painstaking experience she has gone through, instead of holding on to these empty carcasses that… Continue reading