We’ll lose track of time,
Swaying to music and rhyme…


Beyond beyond…

Drifting to a world beyond beyond, All within the boundaries of my mind. Looking for a place to which I can belong, Looking for a place that I will probably not find. So,… Continue reading


Alone I roam in this ugly world Striving for some sort of feeling, Praying day and night for a ray of light That could help my heart stop bleeding. I stumble, and I… Continue reading


حيرتيني لأني بحبك حب كبيربحب شمسك وبحب قمرك بالليلبحب جوك، وهو حر وهو جميلبحب سماكي، بحب رملك والنيل.وقد حبي ليكي فيه في قلبي إحساس ثقيلإحساس كريه وقريب من الكره كتيربكره حكومتك وريسك البخيلبكره… Continue reading

في محطة المترو

جمالها كان عادي، مش من النوع اللي يهمني لكن عنيها السود فيها شيء شدني بصتلي في عينيا، منغير كسوف ولا خجل نظرة طويلة وجريئة ومليانة أمل الناس حولينا اختفت والصوت بقى صمت وحسيت… Continue reading


Would you still love me If you stepped inside my head? Would you still hold me If my sanity was hanging by a thread? Would you still admire me If I was a… Continue reading

My aching heart…

I know the end before the story’s been told, I’ve lived it a hundred times and I know how it unfolds. You’ll fill me up then let me drain And make sure that… Continue reading

Help me

Inspire me, for my inspiration has run dry Touch me until I can touch the sky Kiss me until I am drunk and high Caress me until I believe I can fly Speak… Continue reading


I stand and fight and pray, That the best is yet to come, I wait and hope and say I will find my way back home. With hands upraised and open towards the… Continue reading


If love was a flame, I will be the wind that puts it out.If love was the sun,I will be the cloud that hides its light.If love was warmth,Let me be the cold… Continue reading