Thud. Thud. Thud.

Something is lurking in the background. A tangible shadow of sorts; one that breathes, one whose heartbeats echo. Thud. Thud. Thud. It's alive. But barely. The thuds are not rhythmical; they are sporadic, leaving you weary and apprehensive of when they will thud again, hoping that they won't, but wanting them to. Confusing you. Thud. …


Old and Young


Its the strangest feeling you can ever have

Feeling old and yet still too young

Years of your life passed you by

Aging you further like a timeworn song


You’ve been through a lot, met so many people

Life carved your soul so beautifully with pain

You’ve searched so deep for happiness everywhere

You thought you almost touched it, then it turned into flames


You’ve had your lover, companion and friend

The one you thought will be the ONLY

You  planned your life so perfectly and neat

You looked around and in that plan you were lonely


Age starts crawling under your skin

You realize all those years have been wasted

They just gave you a few wrinkles and lines

They took away your dreams and left you hopeless


You wake up and still you can’t understand too many things

All you understand is that now…

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