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The real reasons 

​Because it feels like you’re not saying these words to me.  Because I’m wondering what you will want to change about me.  Because I can’t bear the thought of having to tell you… Continue reading

‪#‎100DaysOfWriting‬ – Day 32

I catch myself thinking about you sometimes. I find myself wondering how you are, and if you ever catch yourself thinking about me, too. I remember things you told me, and things that… Continue reading

There was a time

There was once a time for us; a time when we both had the time but deliberately chose to not invest it in one another. You feared my unleashed mind, I feared your… Continue reading

June 30: The Real Deal #Egypt #June30

The world stands today watching Egypt in utter bewilderment and confusion over what is really going on. I feel it is my duty to shed some light on unknowns that foreign media is… Continue reading

Old and Young

Originally posted on nadakamel:
Its the strangest feeling you can ever have Feeling old and yet still too young Years of your life passed you by Aging you further like a timeworn song…