I stand and fight and pray,That the best is yet to come,I wait and hope and sayI will find my way back home.With hands upraised and open towards the sky,After darkness, I pray for the sun,And, when night slowly crawls into day,I know this battle shall, one day, be won…15.05.2002



If love was a flame,I will be the wind that puts it out.If love was the sun,I will be the cloud that hides its light.If love was warmth,Let me be the cold wind that it can’t fight.If love was securityLet me be the fear that gives birth to fright.Let this world surviveWithout a glimpse of …


    Like the eclipse of a mid-noon sun, The hope in my heart died. Like a candle blown in the wind, My love went dark inside. Like a sandstorm hides the light, I hid behind my pride. With my bare hands, I killed you, And, for the rest of my life, I cried… 24.06.2002