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A heartfelt encounter

She locked your eyes into an intense stare; an expressionless, faceless stare that captivated you. You could not look away, even though your heartbeats sped in what resembled fear and your instincts begged… Continue reading

Ruthless epiphanies

I swallowed a pill that took me nowhere, I followed a path that did not end. I prayed to Gods that have no ears, And pretended that mountains could bend. With failure after… Continue reading

She wants

She wants to play with fire. She wants to feel it’s heat hover dangerously close to her skin, to have her heartbeats race in anticipation of risks and consequences.  She wants to dance… Continue reading

I listened…

He sat comfortably in the palm of my hand, swinging his legs back and forth in the air like a happy child. He rested his hands beside him on my palm as he looked… Continue reading

The life-cycle

.   Your heart bleeds, so you write, stabbing the paper with your pen of steel, with ink of crimson blood. They read. They hurt. They weep. They turn the page. They move… Continue reading

A promise

    “I promise,” he whispered. “I promise.“ We stood miles apart, but I heard him; I heard him promise. The ocean between us was impossible to cross until that moment. The power… Continue reading

Hope vs. Loss…

    .     Hope is merciless! Hope is driving me insane! That’s all there is in the end; merciless hope that maddens the most sensible, and drives the dead into living.… Continue reading


        The distance between your screams and mine When we are facing each other, Fighting with one another; Then that of the silent resentment that lingers on long after.  … Continue reading

Venus: The Final Battle

    Artwork by: Yamen Elgamal     It was a moonless night, yet the darkness failed to prevail. The scene was obscene in an un-vulgar way; the canopy of tiny, bright… Continue reading

Of tomorrow…

    The road ahead is my sunset; Spectacular, yet calm and confident. Echoing the pangs of a tumultuous day; Of a rainy morning, Of a cloudy afternoon, Of the stormy night before.… Continue reading