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On right and wrong

Decision. Consequence.

Choice. Aftereffect.

Action. Reaction.


Deviant Love Stories in History

In this fast-paced age of globalization, internet and transparency, we still find ourselves longing for old-fashioned love that exudes romance, passion and unconditional devotion. During the course of our busy daily lives, we… Continue reading

Polygamy: Is it really that bad?

The word “polygamy” is reacted to diversely between the two genders. Women mostly see it as an insult and as abuse to their naturally weaker physical status. Men see it as a God-given… Continue reading

The Myths and Realities of Sexual Health

“We all know sex sells and the whole world is buying.” – Scott Stapp (Creed) Sex is by far the most controversial topic ever discussed by human beings, if ever discussed at all.… Continue reading