About Budz a.k.a. Budzaya

I try to make some sense of life everyday,

And here is where I record my progress…

The words posted here are merely concepts,

You must go through the experiences…


It's All In My Head - Yusra Badr


Hello and Welcome to Rebel-ution!

My name is Yusra Badr (a.k.a. Budz or Budzaya) and I am an Egyptian copywriter and (I dare say) a published author.

My book It’s All In My Head was recently published in Egypt and, after being an aspiring writer for so long, I can finally say that I have fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams and published my first (and perhaps only) book.

Almost everybody I know calls me Budz. It’s a twist to my last name; Badr and, no, it has nothing to do with drugs. It’s pronounced B-O-U-D-Z.

In this blog, you will read pieces I have written, some in English and a few in Arabic. Above are abstracts of my latest two pieces and, on the right side here, you can find the categories of all the posts.

Feel free to go through all the posts and please let me know your feedback. I suggest that you pick them based on their titles.

If you choose to give me your opinion, make sure that you are brutally honest. I mean it! And, don’t worry, I take criticism with an open mind and heart.

You can find me on twitter on: twitter.com/Budzaya