The Velvet Sun

Mesmerized by the brilliant skies, they stepped out of their comfort zones to gaze at the horizon that beckoned them so irresistibly. Drenched in spectrums of red, the skyline lured them closer and closer into its enchanting glory, distorting their conviction that it was unreachable; intangible.

The sky was now within reach; it became a manifestation that could be felt with closed eyes, something that could be touched, that could be bitten into and swallowed, that could be smelled and heard even when it could not be seen.

And nothing was impossible any longer.

Euphoric at the thought, they stepped even farther into the red abyss, abandoning their familiarities and ascended into this new reality that promised hopes beyond their most farfetched fantasies.

The velvety sensations of the dying light caressed their skin like warmth on a cold, cruel winter day. They welcomed it with the relish of a carefree child in a field of daisies, raising their heads and spreading their arms to embrace this unconditional love that has been long overdue.

There were no screams. There was no pain.

There was only a dispersion of selves; a vaporization of realities, of flesh and blood, of human form. They became one with the brilliant, enchanting sky and their existence simply ceased.

As more bodies were diffused and consumed by the horizon, its spectrums of red deepened and intensified, making it more luring than ever, more irresistible than ever.

And as the most reluctant eventually came out to greet it, thinking it was the gateway to Eden, the velvet, blackhole dying sun amplified exponentially, until it swallowed humanity whole.



Artwork by Sarah El-Khodary

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