Sweet melancholy

It’s that familiar melancholy once again. 
It’s not good, and it’s not bad, 
Not happy and not sad; 
Just the need 
For that bleed 
Of my pen.

No epiphanies, 
No regrets, 
No triumphs 
And no threats. 
Just a distant, fading reminiscence
Of shallowed, numbed pain, 
Of a struggle once with restraint 
And its eternal despair stains 
On my entire existence.

I’ll let it flow 
So it may go 
Where melancholies go to die. 
Until once more 
It swallows me whole 
And once again leaves me dry.

Oh, sweet melancholy, 
Please, let me be.

‪#‎Poetry‬ ‪#‎Poem

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