Amen. Amen.

One more hour, one more day, 
One more night among this toxic waste. 
One more death, one more loss, 
One more epiphany to come across?

Is there hope? Is there none? 
Is there a way back under the sun? 
Is this real? Are we here? 
Will I ever decipher how I feel?

I won’t think today; I won’t try to say 
What is sane or what I fear. 
I will only pray and try to stay 
In this self-induced hope sphere.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe not, 
Maybe I’ll uncover the next step in the plot. 
But until then, I’ll befriend my pen, 
And pray for peace. Amen. Amen.

‪#‎100DaysOfWriting‬ – Day 71