‪#‎100DaysOfWriting‬ – Day 23

Spoken words are powerful. They are a force to be reckoned with, and their impacts echo endlessly.

I remember things doctor’s casually told me years and years ago, and I still live by them as though they were life rules.

I remember receiving a compliment on a shade of lipstick I wore once, and I never stopped using it since that day.

I remember someone once telling me I laughed too loudly, and now I’m always too conscious of the way I do, and that kills half the fun.

One can never truly grasp the effect of the words they say. You can never really tell if they will have ramifications or if they will pass and be forgotten within seconds.

I wonder if I hurt people with my words, and if the stupid things I say are actually believed and have a resonance of some sort.

I wonder if I think long enough before I speak. Do I take the time to consider how my words will be understood? Will they stab? Will they heal? Will they agitate?

I wonder if someone out there is unwilling to forgive something harsh that I uttered.

Spoken words are powerful. “Careful with that axe, Eugene.”

‪#‎100DaysOfWriting‬ – Day 23


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