Making sense of chaos

The human race is growing exponentially and, with it, so is chaos. Masses cause chaos by nature and, with chaos, comes noise, toxicity and death, thus manifesting the core of this species’ darkness.

Voices have become louder, music has become boisterous, art is becoming a victim of obscenity and, in order to stand out, one has to go to unimaginable extremes of eccentricity. We are then so engrossed by the desire for differentiation that it becomes more important than being mindful of who we actually are and what we want to express, or how we wish to be seen by others.

Amidst all this noise, one finds it harder and harder to be heard. We then feel forced to raise our voices because we are too angry or confused or un-accepting of reality that we do not want to listen and simultaneously want to release our anger, confusion and nonacceptance through self-expression.

As a result, the noise gets louder and louder, and the toxicity gets deadlier and deadlier.

No one is listening to anyone because we’re all too busy talking. No one feels compassion towards anyone else but themselves because we are too engrossed in our individual pain.

No one is calm enough to realize the shift that is happening in the very essence of human nature.

Noise cannot be muted or un-heard, nor can it be tolerated for too long. Being exposed to insurmountable levels of noise distorts our very perception of reality and does nothing but add to the anger, confusion and nonacceptance.

Those who think they do not judge judge.

Those who want silence do not have the discipline for it.

Will there come a point in time when a mass realization of the futility of it all take place?

Will there be a mass-epiphany of sorts where we collectively realize that, no matter how loudly we raise our voices, we will still remain unheard? That all our efforts do nothing but add to the noise, the chaos and the toxicity?

Is there a way other than self-expression to release these waves of anger, confusion and nonacceptance?

The more we grow in number, the less significant it becomes to have an opinion. Self gratification or validation through self-expression fail when there are so many of us around, agreeing and disagreeing and arguing and judging and labeling and trying to make sense of it all without even listening to each other.

There is no sense to be made in chaos.

There is no satisfaction is self expression when no one is there to witness it.

Differentiation is a desire that we need to evolve beyond.

We need to stop and think about where we are going with all this noise and chaos.

We also need to find a purpose more important than self-expression and differentiation.

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