Not all that is quiet is quiet

Artwork by Yusra Badr 10.3.1996

Artwork by Yusra Badr

Not all that is quiet is quiet.

Silence is not always a sign of peace. It almost never is. Silence is symbolic to so much more and to so much loudness that it shames the loudest of noises.

Silence can be a sign of defeat, or of sinister intentions for vengeance.

Silence can be caused by confusion, or by clarity that is far beyond their grasp and is futile to try to explain.

It can be triggered by despair, or by a change of heart, or by patience.

Silence can be a sign of waiting for something to happen. Maybe waiting for someone’s next mistake, or waiting for them to prove you wrong.

Waiting for someone’s validation, or for a miracle.

Waiting for a sign, or a hurricane.

Silence has far more interpretations than words or sounds. It is both; profound and insignificant. It leaves room for a million meanings and is more confusing that confusion.

Silence can signify hope, or lack thereof.

The only thing that silence does not represent is silence.

Not all that is quiet is quiet.

There’s more to it than that.