A moment of truth

From this distance,

I see nothing but distance

Between my wants and my attainables.


In this instant,

I feel nothing but despair

Towards my hopes and the explainable.


In simplicity, lies impossibility,

Turning the simple into the unobtainable.


And in complexity, lies the reality

That all can be done and all are able.


But I stand paralyzed

Against my wants

As their simplicity turns to a toxin

That slowly kills me; that leisurely fills me

With the melancholy of not knowing

Where to start, or where to end,

Or what to do with all these wants;

Or how to feel, or what to dream,

Or if the simplicity is what actually taunts

My soul, my light, my spirit’s might,

And my desire to hope and want,

So death is sentenced

Upon all desire

Because despair is what life will grant.


So, by all means, desire;

Bloom your wants and watch them grow

Into toxic trees and poisoned leaves

That become you and your inner glow.


Your wants will change

Into complex games

That are attainable and bestowed upon.


Because simplicity is impossibility,

And the truth is cruel,

And all hope is gone.



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