A heartfelt encounter

She locked your eyes into an intense stare; an expressionless, faceless stare that captivated you. You could not look away, even though your heartbeats sped in what resembled fear and your instincts begged you to turn around and run.

She smiled; a slender, unreadable smile that mesmerized you and made you tilt your head in bewilderment. Unable to fathom what the smile depicted, you unconsciously smiled back, raised your eyebrows and hoped for the best.

With your heart still racing slightly, she came closer. You held your breath in anticipation as she approached you slowly, confused and apprehensive at your failure to understand what lay behind her persistent stare and enigmatic smile.

She rested the palm of her hand on your bare chest, ever so gently. The meeting point of your skin with hers electrocuted you, even though her hand was cold. The blend between the electric heat and her icy touch shocked you, making you shiver for a second or two.

Still smiling, still staring, she dug her nails into your skin, effortlessly tearing it apart and allowing the blood to flow freely down your chest. Your eyes stared wildly in shock and your apprehensive, bewildered smile turned askew as you began to feel the physical pain of what you did not yet comprehend.

Smoothly, she dug her fingers deeper into your gaping chest, slowly and purposefully. Unable to bear the pain, you attempted to scream but were aghast by the nothingness that parted your lips.

Only then did you understand what lay beneath that relentless stare; it was unfaltering determination at vengeance.

Purposefully, she burrowed her hand further in until her fingers surrounded your heart gently, keeping a loose grip on it as it still beat.

Only then did you understand what that unreadable smile portrayed; it was confidence of the power she held over you.

Swiftly, quickly, and effortlessly, she pulled it out from between your ribs and tossed it carelessly on the floor, underneath your feet, right next to hers.

Still smiling, she looked away and, just as gracefully as she had approached you, she departed.

Two hearts