Rooted to the floor underneath.


The road ahead is foggy, the one behind is gone,

So I just look down…


Energy is non-existent.

Will is shattered, its dust scattered at my feet.

Hope is decaying into a poignant mush that tastes bitter inside my heart.


Mysterious anger consumes me, declaring war on every other emotion.

Confusion is avid, diluting sense, distorting logic.


Restless, and too tired to move,

Cold and furious at once,

Fidgeting, yet standing still.


The contradiction is eating me alive,

I loath it, but I let it have its way…


Rooted to the ground beneath, maybe one day I will blossom,

Maybe these blossoms will be poisonous, carnivorous, yet luscious,

Like all beauties that preceded it…


Rooted, maybe only till the sun rises.

Or maybe for eternity…