Conversations of our days


Your form of speech is never understood.

You strain your thoughts and articulate your words profoundly only to have them met with blank stares, or perhaps with responses that have nothing to do with the words you said.

So you think, and you wonder, ‘Am I that incapable of self expression?’

You use simpler words, shorter sentences, crystal-clear metaphors, but you are met with the same reactions.

Irrelevant replies.

Insensitive responses.


Speech becomes a burden, but self expression is a necessity, so you live in this infinite paradox that adds weight to the weight on your hunched shoulders.

To you I say, ‘You are not the problem.’

Simply put, people do not want to listen; they only need to be heard. Only when that need is fulfilled with anyone ever have the energy to find interest in anything that you say.

What actually happens during the moments in which you voice your thoughts is not reception from the other person; but preparation for how they will respond, regardless of what it is you were saying.

Your listener is not prepared to listen. Your audience cannot hear you over the noise that is rumbling within them, deafening their hearts and ears to anything that exists beyond their own personal realms.

Only when their need to be heard is satiated will they even consider the act of listening as an option.

In any case, it’s the same end result.

Your burdens mount higher upon you.

Your need to be understood does not diminish.

And, eventually, you lose interest in humankind…