The crimson idol

Bloodstained wall


Stabs of words unspoken,

The electric silence hangs low.

Shocks of pain run through me,

Muted screams inside die slow…


I wish that I could hurt you,

I wish I had it in me to scream and fight.

I want to inflict your pain on you

And watch you writhe as I do all night…


You dry my inspiration

And leave me outraged, yet weaker than tears.

The change you have seeped inside my skin

Has left me stained and scarred with fears.


But the beast within has awoken,

Beseeching outlet to its years of strain.

So I break, I smash, and I hurt you,

In hopes that you will somehow feel my pain…


The blood stains on the wall

Are still trickling down my horizon.

All that is left of you and I here

Are these paintings of love’s stale poison…


I am an idol covered in crimson,

Fallen from all but grace,

Shattered are those who bring me down,

Their blood splattered across my face…