On carrying on…

Keep calm and carry on


It’s that time of year again;

The time to merrily keep busy in hopes of forgetting who you really are.

To panic at the slightest hint of a moment of thought that will throw you back into yourself.

The time to do for others and set all your needs aside, not out of philanthropy or generosity, but out of fear and mediocrity.


It’s that time of year again;

The busy time that’s full of errands, of work, of stuff upon stuff upon stuff to do.

Gotta keep busy, gotta keep pushing the thoughts out of your mind and the feelings out of your heart.

Don’t stop until your mind is fogged and all you have the power to do is sleep.


It’s that time of year when you realize this is how you’ve been living all year;

It just dawns on you now because the you inside of you is tugging at your heart,

Relentlessly persisting to be noticed.


But you keep on keeping busy anyway.