Mini Poetry

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That defiant look of hers

Keeps your wants ablaze.

If she looks at you with love,

The wants will blur into the faintest haze.

Kiss her goodbye today

Before you can’t tomorrow,

When the kindness of your ways

Dry and crumble her into sorrow.

Sway to music now,

Don’t wait, for it may fade,

Or change from rhyming glow

To cuts of the bluntest blade.

Stare into the twilight

As the sun bids you farewell.

Wonder if you will see it again

Or if you are now at the gates of hell.

“Find the beauty within,” they said,

But it’s too dark inside to see.

Is it hiding in the shadows?

Or is darkness truly me?

Once a soft, loving touch,

Turned lethal in a single breath.

Retreat into your darkness before

All you touch turns to death.

Battles fought and lost,

Hopes dry and sadly wither.

Who are you fighting for?

Is it even worth the bother?

He is the clarity that diffuses the chaos;

The deep breath that eases the soul…

He is the inner volcano of anger that erupts

And eats up my sanity whole…

Thought I said goodbye that day

When I raised my hands to the sky,

Thought I buried a hatchet,

But that thorn is still in my side…

Memories that make you cringe, though they should make you smile,

As they remind you of special moments that, once, seemed worthwhile.

Today, they simply prove you were a naive fool

For ever believing life was anything else but cruel…

My savior is my murderer is my weapon,

My sanity is my madness and my vision,

He brings out the worst, the best and the in between in me…

I hate him and I love him in unison…

I look for your face wherever I go,

Craving for the peace you bring.

I find you, I relish, then fall apart

For the peace you bring is my suffering…

Their union was blessed by the people,

But not by divinity…

They came together for all the “right” reasons;

For sanity and objectivity…

I know exactly how you are feeling,

I know what you are looking for…

I understand that you are yearning

For an understanding soul…

A distant look from sad eyes;

A world full of pain and lies;

A heart that always, always cries;

With all its agony, it slowly dies…

Questions left unasked,

Thoughts left unshared,

Kisses left hanging in mid-air

As though neither one of us ever cared…

Words on a screen;

How true can they be?

As true as truth itself

Or as fake as this smile that I see…