A promise


I promise,” he whispered. “I promise.

We stood miles apart, but I heard him; I heard him promise. The ocean between us was impossible to cross until that moment. The power of those two words manifested itself in the form of a bridge; strong, illuminated and with luscious blossoms on each side.

It started to form itself at my feet, bricking its way into continuity as my eyes followed its courageous journey onward.

I took a step forward, and heard him do the same.

I took another, and another, and so did he.

The ground beneath me solidified with every step. My faith gave each stepping stone solidity; a shape and form that grew stronger as we came closer to one another.

Hesitant steps slowly transformed into firm ones, and gradually into leaps of faith, each stronger than its predecessor.

I promise,” he whispered.

The miles grew shorter, the distance nearer, the footsteps surer.

The promise morphed from its gaseous, flamboyant state into tangible density. There was a metamorphosis as it reshaped from promise to expectation; from hesitance to leverage that lifted my spirits into the realms of happiness to come.

The euphoria of it all levitated me as I sped in his direction. My feet no longer touched the ground, I no longer needed the bridge for my hope has given me ghostly wings that lifted me and pushed me gently towards my tomorrows.

I closed my eyes reassuringly, knowing my way with confidence so audacious that I didn’t need to see the path I was hovering over. The closer I got, the surer I got, and that was the only truth I knew.

With a burst of song and luminous rays of colourful light, my expectations took another form, a more solid one that made my confidence surge and my will to complete this journey invincible. This was now my birthright; a given!

His promise is my birthright, and our union is inevitable. The thought was intoxicating!

With my eyes closed and my arms spread out beside me, I flew towards him and relished on the joy of this extraordinary journey.

Faster and faster, I flew towards my love through a path brightly luminated with dancing lights of hope. Beneath me, the bridge ceased to form, but I didn’t care; I was flying! ‘The end determines the means, I suppose,’ I thought, and I no longer needed the ground to get to my destination.


Deafening silence.

An instantaneous explosion of muted, piercing pain.


Complete disorientation.

My eyelids fly open as I battle to make sense of what has just happened. I huddle over with pain and open my mouth to scream. I feel the force of the scream as it exists my lungs, slashes the insides of my throat and tries to find its way out into the world, but I hear nothing.

Muted, piercing pain everywhere across my body.

Dazzled by the colourful, bright lights of hope that surrounded me, what I see now is utter chaos. I can make no sense whatsoever of the imagery that my eyes reflect. Where there was supposed to be an endless horizon is an abrupt wall of some kind. The pain shooting across my body is blurring my judgement and I am unable to comprehend or process what my eyes are trying to tell me.




Thudding pain.

Thudding pain.


Again, confusion.

Again, mounting fear.

Determined, I will my eyes open and take in my surroundings.

‘Focus!’ I tell myself. ‘Focus!’

I am lying on my back, above me is a wretched sky of smeared colours that echo the confusion I am in.

Every cell in my body is throbbing with pain, but I struggle to sit up as my need to understand surmounts the gushes of hurt that surge through me.

In the distance, I see a wall. Its roots plunge deep to where I cannot see them and its height stretches higher than I can fathom, as though as I was hovering in midair and that wall extends to realms beyond which my senses can reach.

‘But I am not hovering,’ I tell myself. ‘I am on solid ground.’

I’m confused.

I look behind me and realize that I am sitting on the very edge of the bridge that had stopped forming. In front of me is nothingness, then that strange wall.

Then I remember, and understand.

I was flying to my love, eyes closed and accelerating like a determined eagle when I must have struck that wall with all my force and was thrown back until I crashed against the floor of my incomplete bridge.

Hence the pain, the confusion and the chaos.

Through the mute shrieks of pain that are running through my body, I manage to stare blankly at the wall as I wonder what it’s doing there. I focus, then see that it is made of rusted, iron bricks; brittle and decaying though powerfully put together, un-breach-able, painful to the touch, let alone a blunt collision.

There are writings on the wall. Each brick is hideously carved with marking that resemble scratches of a desperate prisoner, all repeating one word over and over; Lies.


Mounting anger.

Crippled heart.

Damaged body and mind.