The distance between your screams and mine

When we are facing each other,

Fighting with one another;

Then that of the silent resentment that lingers on long after.


The distance between our passionate lips as we make up,

When our skins throb with desire,

And the coldness melts with the fire;

Then that of the comfort of sleeping with you near.


The distance between what you see and what you believe;

What you hear and what you understand,

With the one person who truly knows you,

When they forsake you.


The distance between the air you breath and the seconds


That separate you from peace,


That bring you closer to me,


That soothe you back into knowing.


The distance between your voice and the silence

That holds it hostage in favour of your pride,

With ransom so dear it breaks the us in us,

Until we are once again two.


The distance between that silent understanding;

Of knowing meaning with no need for speech;

Of the home I feel with you here;

Of the loss I feel when you are gone.


The distance between your eternal thirst and water

That you try to hold in your palm;

That slips merrily through your fingers,

Mocking your urgency mercilessly.


The distance between our touching skin

When there is no more love;

When history is what binds us,

When all, yet nothing, is lost.

When nothing, yet all, is won.








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