Of tomorrow…



The road ahead is my sunset;

Spectacular, yet calm and confident.

Echoing the pangs of a tumultuous day;

Of a rainy morning,

Of a cloudy afternoon,

Of the stormy night before.

Reminiscing on windy struggles with self;

Scarred by hail and debris from hurricanes long passed.

But the sunset; the horizon, is now clear.

The memories hover somewhere behind, but not with pain.

The lessons learnt are carved in the atmosphere,

But the blood has long ago dried.

Its stains now form the brilliance that is the splash of a dying sun,

The energy, distorting colour with its flamboyant, volatile self;

All coming together into the life I call my own,

All shaping me into the woman that was yet unknown.

All readying me for my sunset and all that it might be;

A sunny morning tomorrow, or another hurricane of me…