Mount Self Labyrinth



To sit down and decide to immerse yourself in thought is a difficult thing to do. By making that choice, you are deliberately uncovering thoughts that you intentionally left unprocessed. By taking that journey, you are analyzing past experiences to unveil the truths that hide behind them. Whether those truths are ugly or liberating, you are yet to know.

Too often, this tiresome task deems itself unworthy of the effort. It is physically exhausting to take this mental journey down the crooked, hazardous path that is emotion. The journey is one of thirst, hunger, fatigue and disdain with no guaranteed results of liberation. Yet it summons you and you find yourself answering its call unwillingly, willingly.

The journeys of thought that we leave behind us – unprocessed – pile up against each other. They intertwine and weld together into a misshapen and interconnected mountain of bare, exposed nerves that are too receptive to their surroundings. This mountain – Mount Self Labyrinth – stands tall, dark and ghastly in front of you, pulling you up its walls like a wizard beckons a levitated subject with a mere sleight of hand.



The cold winds that brush against you as you stand at the bottom of that vast mountain feel warmer than the winds that await you up there.

The twisted path that leads you to the peak will break away pieces of your soul along the way.

That formation, that unknown, pulls you nearer and nearer, whispering promises of deliverance that you know are lies.

You take a step forward, rest your hand on that solid rock and heave yourself upward, declaring this journey begun.

Let those parts of you that must die, die.

Let those people who must be left behind, be left behind.

Let those pains that must be felt, be felt.

To declare war on demons of the past,

To unleash the shadows that lurk within,

To illuminate the dark corners that lead the way,

To clear the dust off all that has been buried alive,

To commence the journey up Mount Self Labyrinth,

Even though the journey up this mountain will probably kill me,

I take it lest I die standing here at the bottom, staring up at the unknown…