Beautiful surrender…



To gaze at you and not feel obliged to look away.

To get lost in the folds of the skin of your fingers and linger, freely.

To reach out and touch your face, without hesitation.

To run my finger ever so sparingly across your arm and know that you will not back away.

To feel the urge to press my lips against your neck, and do so without a second thought.

To breathe in your scent and let it rush my senses into euphoria, with trust.

To infuse it with mine into oneness as your will and mine are equaled.

To guide your hand across my body, knowing that you will not reject me.

To want your fingers in my hair and instantly have them there.

To indulge my instincts without a trace of fear.

To emit my flares of energy and know that you will absorb them.

To want you, and to show it without shame.

To trust that you will take me in, no questions asked.

Such is the beautiful surrender that I will never know…