Missing you…




It’s like knowing that you are alright, but still feeling like you are walking around with a huge hole in your body.


It’s like knowing that you are complete, but still feeling like a large portion of your peace is missing.


It’s like focusing on your normal day, but having a constant buzz in the back of your mind that keeps repeating your name.


It’s like knowing deep inside that this won’t kill you, but wanting it for the life of you!


It’s like thirst for something that you know with all your conscience will not quench, but that you will die without.


It’s like feeling your touch when you are miles away, merely by soliciting the memory.


It’s like a razor that shreds your focus to oblivion, consuming every conscious minute of being without you.


It’s like walking in the dark and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and knowing that it isn’t light.


It’s like a shudder you get all of a sudden and for no reason, then you realize it is a shiver to a memory of you.


It’s like an attack of breathlessness that does not make you panic, for you know it is breathless want of you.


It’s like the moment when you laugh and then suddenly stop, because you realize this moment would have been better with you.


It’s like an overwhelming restlessness that makes you want to run, but that can also vanish with a touch from you.


It’s like losing the trail of every thought that starts, and having it always end with you.


It’s like fire and ice, peace and war, like passion and despair all merged into me.


It’s like the battle you fight with every tear in your eye, when all you need to stop them from falling is you.


It’s like loving life for a fleeting moment and knowing this love was born when I thought of you.


It’s like craving for something that you are not sure of, then frowning when realizing that it is you.


It’s like laying in bed and waiting for sleep, just so I could find a place to hide from missing you.