I am becoming weightless; hovering over my reality like a volatile mass of energy -void of shape. I can feel the surge of experiences passed running through me, and the experiences that are yet to come loom somewhere nearby. They wait to turn the reality that lies beneath me into a memory and to commence a new one that is yet to delight and disappoint.

In my mind’s eye, I can feel the familiarity of what is happening, as though this transformation I am going through is not entirely new. This déjà vu feels soothing. It gives me reason to surrender to this change and to resist the urge to resist.

My shapelessness is coming to shape. I stretch an unnamed part of my body outwards and, slowly, it turns into a long, fiery wing, stretched across the plane of my vision. I am some kind of bird.

I open what I believe to be my mouth and am met by a monotone whistle that, even though void of song, still sounds musical and tranquil. I feel heat, but it does not disturb me. I feel like fire was perhaps a part of me one day and that fearing it is not one of my instincts.

Slowly, I stretch more parts of me outwards, channelling the energy within me into another form and, one by one, my features emerge in an intensity of colour that I must admit is simply beautiful. I am turning into something beautiful!

The surge of energy within me suddenly erupts and I can feel myself darting across a brilliant sky of blue. I feel graceful, but not fragile. I feel ablaze, but not threatened. I feel the wind that I have created through my gliding cleanse me of the ashes that I once was.

I am the Phoenix that has risen from dust. I am an intense meteor of fire that has been thrust across the sky, but that will not perish. I am renewed and reborn. I have left my past behind me, but have not forgotten it. I am revived and I will soar across my existence until I am able to no more.

I have risen from my ashes and will remain luminous and flamboyant until my time to touch the earth comes again.

Until then, I soar.