I know how you feel…

(Poetic tweets)



Your untold stories have left their marks on your face and body, aging you beyond your years.


The echoes of your un-spokens never cease inside your mind.

They deafen you to the outside world, bouncing off the realms of your thoughts.


Your voice sounds foreign to you, as though you were possessed.

It no longer speaks your mind; it has lost contact with your soul.



Hope brushed against your skin then danced away into the shadows.

Your heart skipped a beat.

You followed but then you got lost in the dark.


Your confusion has created a labyrinth of loss in which u have walked for what seems like an eternity.

You now walk, not in search for exit.


Your sorrows have surmounted till they encircled you in a wall; too high to overcome, too thick to break through to the light.


Your hope has died and, in its place, now grows despair.

Alive in breath and heartbeat, yet void of all that bears life.


Your wisdom has left white streaks in your hair.

Knowledge has burdened you and hunched your back, though your features exude youth.


Your innocence is dying and, with it, so are you.

You see life differently, your hopes have shriveled to nothing, your dreams have ceased.


Your muffled screams have created a void within your soul; its darkness drenches you and its silence deafens your ears.


Your sadness flows from you like a surging river, feeding your surroundings with the withered waters of shattered dreams.


Your responsibilities have blinded you to yourself.

You no longer know you.

You no longer feel you.

You are left forgotten by you.