Your shadows…


The shadows of your sorrows have shamed the sun,

Overpowering every ray before it reached the earth.

As you search for restitution but are met by none,

Your shadows spread further, eclipsing every new birth.


The world has wronged you in ways impossible to discern

But insists on keeping you alive among the living;

To mock you? To torment you? To simply watch as you burn?

Perhaps to teach you lessons on how to be less forgiving.


Your struggles have run deep until they now overflow

And the shadows of your burdens have unlocked the abyss;

Unleashing the beasts within each and every soul

And silencing all light the sun gives with a gnarling hiss.


The shadows of your sorrows have shamed the sun.

Oh, human! How your victories mock your very soul!

You have challenged divinity for millennia and finally won;

Welcome to a new world where darkness devours you whole…