If I was…


If I was Medusa,

I would lock you in an impenetrable stare

And watch you as you slowly turned to stone,

Relishing at the agony that augments in your eyes…


If I was Venus,

I would lure you into my realm of fantasies

And strip you of all your defenses,

Then unleash  my demons and watch as they devour you whole…


If I was Nemesis,

I would patiently wait for that unexpected moment

When all your guards are down

And slowly – cruelly – give you a taste of cold, cold revenge…


If I was Persephone,

I would seduce your pride with promises of immortality

And hand it to you, on a platter of gold and roses

In the realms of darkness and despair that make up my kingdom; my underworld…


If I was a goddess,

I would abuse my divine powers to inflict upon you what would seem to me but a portion of what you have graced my life with.

But I am not.

I am only human.

My only power is to forget.

And forget you, I shall…