If I was…


If I was Medusa,

I would lock you in an impenetrable stare

And watch you as you slowly turned to stone,

Relishing at the agony that augments in your eyes…


If I was Venus,

I would lure you into my realm of fantasies

And strip you of all your defenses,

Then unleash  my demons and watch as they devour you whole…


If I was Nemesis,

I would patiently wait for that unexpected moment

When all your guards are down

And slowly – cruelly – give you a taste of cold, cold revenge…


If I was Persephone,

I would seduce your pride with promises of immortality

And hand it to you, on a platter of gold and roses

In the realms of darkness and despair that make up my kingdom; my underworld…


If I was a goddess,

I would abuse my divine powers to inflict upon you what would seem to me but a portion of what you have graced my life with.

But I am not.

I am only human.

My only power is to forget.

And forget you, I shall…





10 Replies to “If I was…”

  1. This is brilliant! It reminds me of the thesis of Robert Graves, the English poet, who believed that poetry only can make you feel its power if it is about an aspect of the Goddess. Part of what makes this so effective is the repetition, going through the role of goddesses, and the characterization of each within the context of your self and your reactions to a man. Not only is this good poetry, but it also shows that you have some scholarship too. Great work.


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