Choices and decisions,

Paths walked and left behind.

Friendships that were rock-solid,

Now left undefined…


Lovers who weren’t lovers,

Though it felt so at the time.

Sisters from different mothers

Bound forever like words that rhyme…


Fleeting moments of feeling

Like home, like you belong.

Warmth, smiles and safety

In your heart merge and prolong…


Then comes a day when you

Make a simple – or complex – choice.

While facing your life’s crossroads

You say “goodbye” in that hoarse voice… 


The me of the present

Wishes for those past bonds to revive,

But – alas – ’tis where the path I took

Has led; to alone survive…


In my heart, the bonds stand strong,

Never faltering with warmth avid.

But, sadly, they are only memories

Of where you and I once stood…