It’s not always about you

N.B. This piece was written by a friend of mine, to all the men in her life, be them brother, father, friend, colleague or husband. She wished to remain anonymous, but gave in to my nagging on the necessity to publish it. That’s why I’m the one who’s posting it, but remember that, even though I completely relate to every word here, this piece isn’t mine 🙂 Enjoy!


Why does it always have to be about you?

Why must I always react to what you do?

How do you feel? A little down today?

This is when I must support and can’t ignore.

How do you feel? Happy and overjoyed?

This is when I must forget about feeling sore…


What if I’m the one who’s depressed?

Then I must overcome quickly….. Correct?

If I felt happy and you are not

I must leave that aside and pretend I’m not


You know what? This I can’t sustain anymore

I suggest you simply leave me alone

I will decide

I will overcome

It’s only “me” I should rely on

This way, we’ll both be satisfied

No need to pretend, no need to lie

Believe me, this will comfort you, too

‘Cause maybe caring is too much to ask of you