Your hungry kisses move me not,
Your fiery desire is, to me, anything but.
I defy you to go beyond my cold embrace
For, your passion, I have long ago forgot…

Your beseeching hands touch me like they always did,
But they fail to make me feel like they once did,
Where the fires of passion were once ignited
Are now fires of anger and vengeance avid…

To your actions, comes one simple reaction;
The murder of a feeling that was one day passion,
Now, I will suddenly – cruelly – let you know,
That, just like betrayal was easy for you,
It is simple and easy for me to let you go…

So, by all means, please do keep on trying
To revive what is so inescapably dying…
But I won’t let you, no, never again,
It’s too late for remorse, it’s too late for vying…

7 July 2009