The rainfall…

I see you and I smile,
And we chat for a while,
But, with every word you say,
In my mind I pray
For the rain to fall…

You say a joke and I laugh
While my heart splits in half
And two tears escape, so slow,
Of pleasure? Of sorrow? You don’t know,
And I still pray for the rain to fall…

We take a long walk
And I listen while you talk,
You tell me stories of your lover
And my lips occasionally quiver.
Oh, why won’t the rain fall?

You keep talking, I keep listening,
And my eyes won’t stop glistening
And, as my tears begin to flow,
The clouds hide the sun’s glow
And the rain begins to fall…

The raindrops run down my face
As they try to hide my disgrace,
And my hopes begin to grow;
One prayer down, one to go,
Thank God for the rainfall…