Let it be…

Let the dog stop barking in the yard far away,
Let the sun stop shining in its ugly sky.
Let the world stop spinning in the Milky Way,
Let the angels go quite and cease to fly…

Let the priests stop praying and get off their knees,
Let the oceans stop reflecting their clarity.
Let the bells stop chiming and please, oh, please,
Let the world go quite for an eternity…

Let me stop feeling pain, feeling hurt and fore-lone,
Let me answer the question that will drive me mad.
Let all that is living disappear and leave me alone,
Let me find a reason to stop feeling sad…

Let the birds stop singing and stand still in their trees;
Let the branches stop swaying in the morning breeze;
Let us all stand still, stop breathing, seize;
For my loved one has died; so let him go in peace…