Take my hand and lead the way
Up towards the Heavens, towards the Milky Way
And, on a mountain top,
That is where we will stop,
Let the music play
And dance the night away…

Take my hand as we go for a stroll
Through that garden, under the rainfall
And, when it feels right,
Hold me tight
And dance with me
Under that rain-soaked tree…

Take my hand, we’ll walk side by side
On that deserted beach, under the moonlight
And, on that shore,
We will walk no more
As we embrace
And dance with grace…

Keep the music playing through the night
As we dance all through to the morning light
We’ll lose track of time,
Swaying to music and rhyme
Atop a mountain, in a garden, on the shore,
We’ll dance, and then, we’ll dance some more…