If love was a flame,
I will be the wind that puts it out.
If love was the sun,
I will be the cloud that hides its light.
If love was warmth,
Let me be the cold wind that it can’t fight.
If love was security
Let me be the fear that gives birth to fright.

Let this world survive
Without a glimpse of compassion
Let it be cold and bold
Without warmth or passion
Let us become beasts
Hunting down all emotion
Let us live without guilt
Without love, without religion

With these beliefs
I have torn out my heart
Giving me relief
After a long time of hurt
With these beliefs
Now I survive
I survive by feeling nothing
I live for merely staying alive

Don’t call me cruel
For I was human once upon a time
I was just like you
Full of love for all mankind!
This is how I was defeated
By the irony of truth
This is how I decided
Nothing is worth wasting my youth…