My aching heart…

I know the end before the story’s been told,
I’ve lived it a hundred times and I know how it unfolds.
You’ll fill me up then let me drain
And make sure that you have left a stain
On my aching heart…

And, even though I know that is what you will do.
Even though I know what I am to you,
I cannot help myself when I am in your arms,
Knowing that you will stab me with your charms
In my aching heart…

So, here I am again, loving you more than ever before,
Loving you so much it makes my heart and muscles sore,
Knowing that you don’t love me and that you never will,
Going down the same old road that I know will kill
My aching heart…

I am helpless, I love you way too much than I should,
And I know how the story ends; it ends in tears and blood,
I am hoping this is where it all comes to an end
For death must better than the pain that is in
My aching heart…