Would you still love me
If you stepped inside my head?
Would you still hold me
If my sanity was hanging by a thread?
Would you still admire me
If I was a step ahead?
Would you still forgive me
If I say something I shouldn’t have said?
Is there such a thing
As living happily forever more?
Or will there come a time
When our love will grow sore?
Will we forever remain friends
And look beyond the surface, to the core?
Will we always satisfy one another?
Or will we, by time, begin looking for more?

Tell me, is it worth the commitment?
The promise? The pledge?
Is our love strong enough
To endure life’s most treacherous edge?
Will our honesty survive?
Or will it, by time, start to hedge?
Will our love remain unexceptional?
Or will we, at some point, begin to judge?


What does the future hold for us
If we choose to remain together?
Will our love grow stronger?
Or will it, by time, begin to whither?
Will we always care?
Or will we grow too proud to bother?
Too many unanswered questions
That prevent me from taking a step further…