Beyond beyond…

Drifting to a world beyond beyond,

All within the boundaries of my mind.

Looking for a place to which I can belong,

Looking for a place that I will probably not find.

So, with the common people, I move along,

Leaving my longings somewhere behind,

And in this place, I let my stay prolong

Till I am one of them; one of their kind.

And, somewhere down that road, the truth resides;

‘I am different! I shouldn’t be in this grind!

My rules are unlike the ones to which they abide,

I must go back! I must rewind!’

Then, like a smack on the face, I say as I realize,

‘You arrogant pompous fool! Are you blind?

Different? You wish! What does to them to you complies!

You are human, just like them, we’re all one of a kind…’