Illusive and Omnipresent

And you can never hide from me.


You heal 


A Song of Sorts

I bare my soul tonight And every night until I die; I’ve got nothing to hide. I have no fears of my own; My fears lie in the unknowns That lurk out of… Continue reading


It’s 3 a.m.

I can’t bare the idea of going To bed early anymore. I simply must be way too tired To think, or feel, or deplore. I’m sleepy and my head is spinning, Around and… Continue reading


Protected: The real reasons 

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


The Velvet Sun

Mesmerized by the brilliant skies, they stepped out of their comfort zones to gaze at the horizon that beckoned them so irresistibly. Drenched in spectrums of red, the skyline lured them closer and… Continue reading


Sweet melancholy

It’s that familiar melancholy once again.  It’s not good, and it’s not bad,  Not happy and not sad;  Just the need  For that bleed  Of my pen. No epiphanies,  No regrets,  No triumphs … Continue reading


Endings are not endings

Endings are not endings unless you decide they are. On some level of awareness, you may recognize an ending when it occurs, but in the depths of your mind, it lingers on with… Continue reading



Invisible, intangible, yet all powerful, This magnetic strength that keeps us bound. I repel, I rebel, and pull away But there is no escape from that sound. It’s your beating heart and your… Continue reading


‎Scenes From a Memory ‬

An orange teapot on a rusty stove, A lazy curtain flowing in the breeze. Books running back and forth on the shelves, A couch you can fall asleep on with ease. An electric… Continue reading

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